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Chapter two of Embers! )
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Stop! Sporking time! )
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In celebration of GSDS, I've finally finished sporking the next chapter of Adrift In Despair! The story's title is very apt; that's what I felt like whenever I contemplated this fic.

Chapter Eight is sporked! )
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The Sporking of Chapter Seven )
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Sporking of Chapter Six of Adrift In Despair Behind the Cut )

How's that, folks? Dang, I completely skipped this chapter at first. I went straight from five to seven, and I had to come back to this one. But that means chapter seven will be along very soon. ^_^ I hope this chapter is funny. I feel like the last couple chapters were more me raging at the stupidity of this story, but I think this chapter and seven both have more funny stuff in them.
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Chapter five is sporked! )
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Chapter four of Adrift in Despair )
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In this post, I spork chapter two of Adrift in Despair. )
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Chapter Twelve - The Big Conclusion! )

Now, question time! Should I spork the sequel?
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Chapter 11 of the sporking )
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Chapter Ten of the sporking )
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Chapter Nine cometh! )
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Chapter Eight )

MidnightC is my hero. What an amazing chapter. >_>
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Chapter seven sporked! )
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Chapter six sporked behind the cut )
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Sporking of chapter five )

That was a little harder to snark than some of the other chapters. =/ Nothing can top Chuck Norris!Mia, though.
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