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I just updated my book review blog with a post discussing character focus in novels and other forms of media. It's here, and I'd be really happy if you guys on my friends list who are into books, reading, and writing checked it out. This is a topic I think of a lot when it comes to reading and writing, so I'd be interested in comments.
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I've read twenty-five books this month!

It looked like it would be a close call for a while there, but shorter novels saved the day. I'm so glad to have those out of the way, though. Now it's time for longer novels again. Ender's Shadow, Howl's Moving Castle, The Shadow of the Wind, and To Say Nothing of the Dog are all tentatively on the schedule for July. If you like to read, please check out my blog and let me know what you think! Maybe you'll learn of a book that you will end up really liking. ^_^
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Well, yinz know those little book reviews I've been posting for the past month or two? Now you can find them all at BlookityBlook, my new book review blog. I've already posted a review for Atonement. From now on, check BlookityBlook if you're interested in what I've been reading. I plan to tackle at least a hundred books this summer, so there will be plenty to check out. I'd totally love it if people gave this a read and told people and stuff. Well, we'll see what works out. ^_^


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