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When we last left our heroes, they were escaping from a crazed Butterfree in the Viridian Forest...

Kendra needed no second telling. She darted off, making rocket ship whooshing noises under her breath, pounding down the overgrown forest path. So completely concentrated on running was she that she didn't even remember to stop until the bright sunlight at the edge of the forest set her blinking.

"Wow..." Kendra panted as she jogged to a stop. She leaned against a tree trunk, squinting against the mid-morning sun. "That was some run." She looked around to see if Blake was with her.

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In this post, I spork chapter two of Adrift in Despair. )
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Chapter Twelve - The Big Conclusion! )

Now, question time! Should I spork the sequel?
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Chapter 11 of the sporking )
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Chapter Eight )

MidnightC is my hero. What an amazing chapter. >_>
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That was a little harder to snark than some of the other chapters. =/ Nothing can top Chuck Norris!Mia, though.
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Wondering about the little change I made? Check the comments from last chapter's sporking to see how Sora inspired me. =P

Chapter four )
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