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Hello, writer! Thank you for taking the time to read this post! I shall do my best to make your job easy by saying what I'd most like to read. Here's your biggest hint: you can't go wrong with romance. I don't want anything explicit, just cute and fluffy moments that won't give me diabetes. Next hint: romance is boring without some sort of plot. Well, I don't wanna make things harder, but I like it when characters have some sort of exciting adventure while also having cute moments together. Follow that formula for whichever request of mine you're using, and you can't go wrong. Also, humor is good.

So, first fandom is Wishbone. For this I'd like to see a story that emulates the Wishbone mystery books, maybe using one of my favorite mysteries (that, I guess, hasn't already been featured). That would include Gaudy Night (or any of the Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane books), The Westing Game, The Shadow of the Wind (man, I'd freaking love to see how a good author could combine that with Wishbone), The Big Sleep, and Hotel Dusk for the DS. And it's not exactly a mystery, but Sunset Boulevard has that dark noir feel. Also, Joe/Sam, please. /o/

For Chaos Walking, it should be pretty obvious where this is heading. If, dear author, you have read Monsters of Men, then the epilogue bit should make it quite clear what I'm looking for. You know, something where Todd wakes up and there's happiness and reunions. Also, let's hear something about how the world has changed since then, how the settlers and the Spackle are getting along, all that good stuff. Lots of Todd/Viola goodness, but not in a bubble, 'cause they were always tied up in the circumstances of the world around them. And bonus points for mimicking the narrative style of the books (first person, present tense, etc.), but if you write third person and past tense, that doesn't matter if it's good.

Pokemon Special! I'm not current on the DPPt arc, but anything before that is fine game. Red, Yellow, Ruby, and Sapphire are my favorites, with Blue and Green coming in second. I wasn't a fan of Emerald or the Johto characters (although Crystal wasn't bad), so don't worry about cramming them in. As far as shippings go, Red/Yellow and Ruby/Sapphire are my faves. I'd be happy to read about some sort of day trip adventure with those four, maybe with Pokemon battles and exploring a place, and some cute shippy moments. Use your imagination and follow your heart, etc.

Legally Blonde is easy. Give me Elle/Emmett, showing their friendship (romance is optional but desired). Humor is important. This is the Broadway musical version of Legally Blonde, after all. It is nothing if not silly. But poignant emotional stuff is good too, in its place. Do your best, author! Just stay true to the characters, and I'm sure I'll love whatever you come up with!

Okay, that's basically it. I hope this was helpful and that you have fun writing my request. Thank you!


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