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Me: Well, true to their nature, Garet and Jenna got tired of waiting for me to give them a makeout scene and took off.

Ivan: Probably to make their own makeout scene! Midnight C likes Garet/Jenna. At least that’s one point in her favor.

Sheba: Doesn’t that put you in the mood, Ivan?

Ivan: Mood for what?

Sheba: Murder most foul! sigh You’re so unromantic, Ivan!

Me: So now it’s just me and my two favorite Jupiter Adepts. Anyway, to business…

Disclaimer: Camelot rules! Make many more games just like this one please!


"Mia?" Ivan asked. "What are you doing out here in the hallway?"

Mia stirred and looked up at her friend sleepily. She’d passed out here after a wild night. Her memories were a haze of joints and banana pudding. She was still sitting in the inn’s upstairs corridor, leaning against the door to Isaac’s room. "Ivan? What time is it?" Peanut butter jelly time! Hammer time! Time for you to get a watch! Hyuk yuk yuk!

"About dawn," he replied. "Were you out here all night?"

"I guess I was. I must’ve fallen asleep while I was sitting here."
Ivan crouched beside her. "Care to tell me why?" He looked at the door. "It must have something to do with Isaac, right?"

"Yes." The lie would keep her image as a sweet healer secure.

"So you’re concerned about what happened between he and Garet yesterday too. That’s why I’m here. I was hoping to speak with him about it. I promised Garet. He wouldn’t leave me alone until I said I’d deliver his dumb love poems to Isaac."

"Slim chance of that," she said. "He refused to talk to me about it last night. He even locked me out!" She clutched her knees. "I wish he’d open up. Something’s wrong with him—I’m sure of it! He’s been acting funny for awhile now and it’s gotten even worse since yesterday morning." Isaac had become a reefer fiend!

"What do you mean by ‘acting funny?’" Isaac had been cracking awful puns and working on a routine with a ventriloquist dummy, not to mention all the whoopee cushions and banana peels.

"Just not like himself. He seems so tense and distracted and…" Her eyes watered as she remembered the angry tone he’d used last night. "…And he’s snippy."

"Snippy?" Ivan was confused. That wasn’t a word he’d ever associate with the stoic, even-tempered warrior that was Isaac.

"Yes, snippy," said Mia, looking quite upset. "I don’t know what to do. I’m so afraid for of him, Ivan!"

"Don’t worry, Mia," Ivan said, smiling to reassure her. "We’ll get to the bottom of this one way or the other. I’ll help." He knocked on the door. "Isaac? Are you up yet? I’d like to speak with you."

No answer. Ivan sighed and tried the door, and both he and Mia were surprised to see it open. Isaac lay sprawled out on the bed, beer bottles and syringes littered on the floor. The room beyond was empty, however, and the bed looked like it hadn’t been disturbed at all.

"Where could he be?" Mia wondered. He’s trapped in the closet!

"He must’ve slipped out earlier," said Ivan. "I should never have loaned him the djinn he needs to be a Ninja! Mia, why don’t you go on ahead and look for him? I’ll wake up the others and we’ll all come after you."

"All right. Thank you, Ivan." She headed downstairs and outside. The air was biting cold without much light from the sun to heat it. She pulled up the hood from her cape to keep warm and set off in the first direction her instincts told her, thinking only of finding and helping her true love. Is this an extremely literal case of “following your heart”?

At the edge of the woods near Lemuria Village, Isaac was practicing his swordplay half-heartedly. In reality, he was desperately trying to shake the nightmares out of his system. He’d woken up on the floor by his door in the middle of the night feeling like he’d been through a major battle. He hadn’t dared try to go back to sleep. Each new nightmare made him feel even worse than the last, both in body and in spirit. The images from all of them kept flashing through his mind as if they were actual memories and not mere manifestations. Why couldn’t he shake them off? Why did they feel like immense weights on his shoulders and like rabid fangs Bad Dream used Hyper Fang! It’s super-effective! ripping chunks out of his soul? Tastes like chicken! Zing!They were just dreams, dammit! Whoa-ho-ho there, Midnight! Swearing? What about all the little kiddies out there in readerland? Getting risqué on us, are you?

Worst of all was that they seemed to be coming true. He’d attacked Garet yesterday without knowing it, and that memory of Mia and Picard hugging by the fountain loomed over him. I’m reading too much into that, he thought, trying to assert himself. It was just one embrace—it couldn’t have meant much, if anything at all. See, that’s the logical way to act. And it would make even more sense if you talked to Mia about things so she could clear the matter up. But no, you’re an arrogant, tortured soul. Right about now, I’d be ready to join Sunny’s anti-Isaac crusade.But the doubt within him was very much alive and growing stronger with every moment he recalled that image. So much uncertainty filtered through him, and the only thing he remained certain of was that losing Mia might very well kill him. Someone needs to get a reality check. Seriously, I’m tempted to think that Midnight C and Stephanie Meyer attended the same Creative Writing class. No matter how bad things got on their travels, he’d always been able to look into her eyes and know everything was all right. This was because Mia’s eyes were a Magic 8 Ball. In a world of chaos, their love had been the single thing that never stopped making sense. As far as I’m concerned, it never started making sense. He didn’t know what he’d do without that safety net to catch him if he fell. And he was definitely falling to his death, hopefully.

He thought back to the first half of his dream last night, the part before it had turned sour. It had been so real and wonderful, and yet terribly naïve and childish too. He was almost eighteen years old and had traveled across most of the world! Why did he want to return to that tiny hamlet so badly and see his parents? Wasn’t he too old and experienced for such things? It was also foolish of him to wish to see his father again, since that would never happen no matter how badly he wanted it. Still, it wasn’t wrong to want such things, was it? He smiled a bit to himself as he thought of how good that part of the dream had felt. Almost as good as that dream with Mia and the giant tub of banana pudding. To be back home with the people he loved most—as silly as it seemed, that would truly be paradise.

Thinking of that, unfortunately, also brought back the very real feelings of loneliness and despair he’d had after the dream soured. There weren’t any words that could accurately describe that kind of total abandonment and how much it hurt. And yet Midnight managed to waste at least half a page trying. The doubt liked to prey on the fear he had of such a thing coming true. No one willing to stay with him, no one giving any thought about him, no one wanting to love him. That’s because you’re not worthy of being loved, jerk. What if he did make it home and all those people he believed to care about him turned their backs on him? What would he do if he found himself truly alone in the world? Snap and go on a killing spree? We can only hope.

"Isaac…" That heavenly voice had found him again. He slowly placed his sword back in his scabbard and turned around to face its owner. She looked exceptionally beautiful with the whiteness of her robes the only thing standing out against the dull brown landscape. He turned his head away in shame. He didn’t even have the right to look at her with the way he’d been behaving. He’d been a naughty boy, and naughty boys weren’t allowed to look at their mistresses.

For some reason, Mia had known she’d find him here. She just followed the trail of corpses. She gazed at him sadly for several moments, wishing he’d meet her eyes like he usually did. He looked very tired and weary, almost like he’d been through a major fight with a monster. Isaac had been struggling his hardest to remain true to what character canon had given him. Maybe he had. It only made her more worried to see him so haggard, and it also made her more determined to help.

"You weren’t in your room," she finally said quietly. "I was hoping to speak with you."

"Mia, I’m sorry," Isaac said. Still he avoided her gaze. "I didn’t mean to yell at you and lock you out last night. It’s just…I don’t know."

She smiled slightly and got closer to him, gripping her mace tightly. "It’s not all right. My Ninja Adventure Squad comics were in your room, and when I can’t read my Ninja Adventure Squad comics, I get… upset."

"No, it’s not!" he insisted. "I have no right to be taking my frustrations out on you! Sure you do! You’re a manly man! You need to keep your woman in her place! You’re…" He wasn’t sure of the right words. "…You’re everything to me."

"Don’t be so hard on yourself. I know you’d never intend to hurt me. That’s not who you are." She reached up and gently turned his face so their eyes could meet. His didn’t look as blue as normal. They seemed faded and dull. He was probably on drugs. "Talk to me, Isaac. Please, tell me what’s bothering you before it gets out of hand."

Isaac hesitated. He wanted to tell her, but he wasn’t sure how to explain it. It seemed so stupid for him to be fearing and believing a bunch of nightmares. Would she think him a fool or a coward? But those shining aqua eyes of hers invited him to open up. He couldn’t let his doubts hold him in silence. Well, finally!

"What’s your dream, Mia?" he asked.

”To reach the unreachable star!” Mia tipped her head slightly in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"Tell me your dream—the thing you want more than anything else. Please, I have to know."
She thought a moment, still mystified by his question. "A pony. No, no, wait! A unicorn! I hadn’t given it much thought. I guess what I want most is to see everyone make it safely through this quest. The world would be safe again and everyone could live in peace." What are you, a Miss America contestant?

"Aside from all of that," Isaac pressed. "If you could have anything, no matter how unrealistic, what would it be?" She already said unicorn, dude. And also, world peace ain’t unrealistic? What kind of magical fairyland you livin’ in?

Mia faltered a moment. "Well, I guess I’d like to live a peaceful life in a quiet village as a great healer, and I’d like to have my friends and family beside me." She paused and then smiled as she realized what she really did want most. "I’d like to have all of that, but what I want most of all is to be with you, Isaac."

"Honestly?" he questioned. "You’re not just saying that?"

"No, I mean it. I love you, Isaac. I can’t imagine ever being truly happy without you by my side. Well, maybe if I could have Brad Pitt…"

Isaac pulled her into a tight embrace. She wasn’t the type to lie about anything, so she had to be telling the truth. Isaac had no idea about Mia’s secret double life as Misty Spitz, the Imilian stripper known for her mind-boggling large nipple piercings. Had he known, he might have doubted her honesty a little. That made him feel twice as foolish for doubting her, but still so relieved to hear it. As long as he had this one sure thing to count on, no nightmare would ever be able to conquer him completely. He still had his soulmate! New drinking game! Every time the word “soulmate” is used, take a shot of cyanide-spiked Kool-Aid!That was what he needed above everything else. The Kool-Aid? Go ahead, take some.

Mia placed her head in the groove of his shoulder, smiling to herself. This was the Isaac she knew and loved without question. Had he been wondering about her commitment to him? No, that couldn’t be the only thing that had him acting strangely. She could sense some desperation in his embrace, and his muscles still felt tense. He needed one of her special massages. There was more to it than that. What could it be?

"What makes you ask about my dream?" she asked after several moments. Was Isaac going to buy her a unicorn?

He swallowed hard. "Mia, I’m afraid if I tell you you’re going to think I’m a coward or that I’m going crazy."

"Oh, I would never think you were a coward. You’re probably the bravest person I’ve ever met! Just tell me what it is. You can trust me, Isaac." I notice she conveniently doesn’t comment on the crazy part.

"I know." He sighed, relaxing his grip on her throat and looking back at her eyes for courage and for a Magic 8 ball prediction. “Oh, Magic 8 Ball, am I a delusional maniac?” “Signs point to yes!”. "I’ve been having nightmares, Mia, every night since before we came to Lemuria. Really bad ones."

"Nightmares? What about?"

"They’re all a little different, but they always end the same way. At the end, I’m completely alone, usually because the rest of you died at my hands. naked and surrounded by the entire tenth grade, and all the jocks are laughing at me."

Mia was startled. "But how can that be? You’d never hurt any of us while sober!"

He shrugged. "I don’t know, but it scares me that it keeps happening over and over again." If by “scares” he meant “excites”. He thought back to the one from last night. "In my dream last night, we all made it back to Vale. It started out beautifully—we were all together celebrating our victory, and then…" Godzilla!

"Then what?"

His voice sounded deeply saddened when he continued. "It was the Spanish Inquisition. None of us expected it. …Then the Mayor banished me from Vale and everyone left me behind, including you! And then another boulder fell from Mt. Aleph and destroyed the village and everyone with it. And then a car ran over my dog, and then I spilled juice on my scarf, and then everyone who wasn’t killed by the boulder contracted AIDS. Or wait, were they killed and then they contracted AIDS?" He bowed his head. "Whatever. In any case, it was ridiculous and highly unbelievable. I know it was only a dream and that it’s silly to believe it, but it was so real!"

Mia nodded. "Dreams often are. But they’re still only dreams, Isaac."

"I’m dreaming even when I’m awake," Isaac said. That sounds like a line from some dumb emo song. "Lately, there’s been this weird shadow being that appears at the end of my dreams, and I think it may be causing the nightmares. Yesterday when we were going to retrieve the draught, I saw the same shadow creature there in the woods with us, and I attacked it without thinking." Isaac had exquisite reflexes, honed by years of Whack-A-Mole playing.

She gasped in surprise. "You mean you didn’t see that it was Garet you were attacking?"

"Er… No! No, of course not.” Isaac chuckled nervously. “No! I saw only the shadow creature—I didn’t know it was Garet! If I had, I never would’ve done that!"

"By Mercury…" Mia trailed. So that was what happened! She knew there had to be an explanation for it, and this was totally a rational one that she should accept without question!. But the idea of something having such a profound effect on his behavior sent a chill down her spine. He wasn’t crazy keep telling yourself that, honey, but something was clearly trying to mess with his mind.

"I’m scared, Mia," he said quietly. "I’m not sure if I can trust what I see. What should I do?" I recommend a blindfold. Ta-da! Problem solved!

She squeezed him tightly, cutting off his breath. As she watched him squirm and try to break free, she told herself that it was for the best. trying not to let on that she too was frightened by the situation. "Don’t worry, Isaac. We’ll figure this out, somehow. There has to be a logical explanation for what you’re dreaming and seeing." Madness. Duh.

"Then you don’t think I’m crazy?"

"No, of course not. Something is obviously trying to make you think that, but you’re not crazy." She smiled. "Well, I like to believe you’re crazy in love." And I believe I’m crazy gonna barf.

He laughed slightly. "I am!" He kissed her. "Thank you, Mia. I should’ve known you of all people would believe me. Can you forgive me for doubting you?"

"Of course—don’t give it another thought.” Secretly, Mia was thinking of all the ways she could hold this over Isaac’s head and get him to do stuff for her. “Now come on. We should inform the others of what’s going on. Maybe they can help us figure out what to do." It’s exorcism time! And if that doesn’t work, we can try bloodletting! Bring on the leeches!

"Right." Isaac felt some of his confidence coming back. Fear still greatly resonated within him, but the doubts he’d held earlier about Mia had vanished completely. He felt like an imbecile for how he’d reacted to her embrace with Picard, Only fitting, moron but he tried to shove it off and focus on more important matters. Like whether they sold Nutella in Lemuria or if he’d have to get some more from the ship. Truly, nothing would ever take her away from him, Except the cold, immutable embrace of DEATH! which meant he’d never have to worry about being left totally alone in the world. Or you could, like, get a cat. They’re much less maintenance. Plus, they don’t get kidnapped and trapped in Prox in incredibly contrived situations. He could do anything with her by his side, even conquer some strange creature trying to drive him mad become the next tango champions of Weyard!. And that certainty helped ease some of the weight on his shoulders.

They hadn’t gone far when he thought he heard something coming from behind them. He turned and went a few steps back the way they came. Nothing was there.

"What is it, Isaac?" Mia asked. "Did you see something again? And don’t say ‘dead people.’ That joke stopped being funny in the last story."

"No, I thought I heard something." A sinister laugh echoed from the woods. "There it is again. Do you hear it?"

She strained her ears to listen. "No, I don’t."

He sighed. "Must be imagining things again." He heard the laugh again, and it was coming closer. He went nearer to the woods, his back to Mia. "I’m getting sick of these games. Twister, strip Candyland, it’s all so boring now! If there is something out there, it had better show itself."

There was a long silence. Mia couldn’t hear anything coming from the direction Isaac was indicating, but he kept hearing that same laugh coming progressively closer. It sent a shiver through him even more than the chilly autumn air. If it’s a clown laughing, then it’s understandable. Those things are creepy.

"Come on, Isaac," Mia finally said. "I don’t think there’s anything there."

"You’re probably right," he sighed. "Let’s go." He turned back to her and saw the shadow creature coming up behind her! "Mia! Behind you!" “Isaac, I’m not falling for that one again,” Mia laughed. And that was when the leopard ate her.

She spun around, but the thing had already surrounded her in its darkness. It seemed to swallow her up then it slowly approached Isaac. Mia had disappeared completely.

"What have you done with her?" Isaac demanded. "Where’s Mia?" She ran off with Waldo, the whore.

"You can’t help her now, hero," the thing cackled. "She is beyond your reach."
Isaac’s rage steadily escalated. He was angrier and more self-righteous than a Harmoanian after the release of Half-Blood Prince. Messing with him was one thing, but hurting his love was quite another. He drew his sword. "Your fight is with me! Leave Mia out of this!" And then he went super-saiyan.

The creature laughed loudly. It had a distinctly human shape now and appeared three-dimensional, not flat as before. So it’s not Mister Game and Watch. Well, there’s five bucks lost. A real person colored in total black, except for the pupil-less red eyes that were as soulless as ever. The blatant racism here is just appalling. Black people have feelings, too, Midnight! "You belong to me, Isaac, now and forever. If you fight me, you will lose."

"We’ll just see about that!" he declared, brandishing his trusted Gaia Blade. "Let Mia go this instant or I’ll cut you down to size!" Great line. Where’d you get that from, some second-rate shounen manga?

"Bring it on, hero," the shadow challenged. "You’ll live to regret it."
Isaac lunged at the being, swiping at it with his most powerful sword swings. It dodged them all easily; laughing the whole while as it jumped around - the Energizer Bunny on nitrous oxide. "Too slow, too slow," it teased. "I thought you were an expert swordsman?" Isaac says a lot of stuff when he’s drunk. You shouldn’t believe everything you hear.

"Mock me all you want. I’m not giving up until you let Mia go." The Gaia Blade shone with golden light and unleashed Titan Blade. The blast narrowly missed the shadow. Fuming, it sent out a blast of a foreign Psynergy just off the boat from the Old World, which tripped Isaac up. He skidded to a halt and jumped back at the thing, stabbing at it again. One swipe finally connected and the beast staggered back a few steps, a black liquid slowly oozing out of its side.

"You’ll pay for that!" it growled. “You know how hard it is to get black ooze out of your clothes? I’m gonna need to get this dry-cleaned.” It cast another wave of unknown Psynergy. Shoop-da-woop! Isaac dodged it and tackled the shadow to the ground. It managed to flip him a short distance but it seemed to be weakening from its previous wound. Confident, Isaac rose and cast Ragnarok for a finishing blow. It’s super-effective! The creature remained standing after the blast but only barely. It tried its Psynergy once more. Isaac swiftly got in close and ran it through, twisting the blade as it penetrated the weird black flesh. The shadow collapsed to the ground and was still.

Ivan, Jenna, Garet, and Sheba, whom had been seeking Isaac, saw the golden light from his attack and rushed to the spot. As soon as they got there and saw the scene, Jenna and Sheba screamed and turned away. Ivan and Garet’s eyes went wide in shock and horror. They slowly looked up to Isaac in disbelief.

"Isaac," Garet managed to say quietly. "What have you done?!"

Confused, Isaac looked back down at the ground to see what had them so upset. There, lying in the brown grass amid a vast pool of red blood, was Mia. OH SNAP! I think this can best be summed up in one image:


Me: That bad? Not at all! This chapter is a 10/10!

Sheba: How could you do that?!

Ivan: You are evil! You can’t leave us with a cliffhanger like that!! Yeah! You need to just end the story right here!

Me: Well, I just did…


Me: . Lay off, guys! If you shake too hard, you might make me forget the next part! Shaken author syndrome?

Ivan: That’s no excuse!

Sheba: Give us Chapter 6 NOW!!

Me: o.O I’m working as fast as I can here! Chill out and let me concentrate!

Ivan: We’re not leaving you alone until you crank out Chapter 6!

Sheba: Right! Ivan and I will keep you glued to this computer until it’s all done!

Me: sigh Looks like I’m in for a very long night… And how much of that is going to involve your special Felix/Picard doujinshi collection? Be honest, now.

Date: 2008-06-07 01:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dantaron.livejournal.com
>__> It's true what you said before - in the hands of an actually good author, delusional/mad Isaac might be a good plot idea.

Midnight C's only excuse (... well, not really) is that she wrote this having only played GS1, so she had no idea Isaac was really a hardass. >_> Pretty sure canon!Isaac would swordrape Midnight!Isaac anyday anytime anywhere.

Date: 2008-06-08 06:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] grim-axel.livejournal.com
Wow. And I thought the previous stuff was bad. Though I did enjoy the Reefer Madness reference. And the Shakespeare reference. And the Simpsons Epic Fail demotivator. The actual stuff she wrote is inexcusable crap, but... You done good, kid. You done good.


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