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"Don't wanna be an American Idiot!" I sang to myself as I lay on my bed blasting my music. I was reading the newest Harry Potter book for about the seventh time. It was so cool! I just loved Harry Potter. Sometimes I wished I could go to Hogwarts myself.

"Ouch!" I yelled as I fell off the bed. My head burned with a fierce headcrushing pain and a mysterious voice echoed in my head.

So this is the chosen one. Listen well, chosen one, because it is your duty to save the wizarding world. I will send you there. Do not be afraid.

The voice stopped and the pain left my head, but suddenly a powerful wind blew up in my bedroom, causing a whirlwind.

"Hey, sis!" said my Brother, Jason, coming into my room then. "Turn down your stupid music..." He trailed off, seeing the contents of my room blow around like a tornado. "Woah, what's going on?"

"Go away, JayZ!" I called. But he stayed there and we were both sucked up by the whirlwind and then everything went black.


"Melissa! Melissa, wake up!" I heard my brother frantically calling my name for amidst the blackness. I opened my eyes and was shocked and awed to see where I was. I was in a great hall that was lit with candles and filled with kids sitting at tables.

"Are you all right, girl?" someone asked. I looked up and saw a man with silky black hair and an equine nose.

"Yes... yes, I'm okay," I said, taking the hand he offered me and getting to my feet.

"I must say, said an old man sitting at a high table. "This is an unusual occurrence to happen at the sorting. Come hear, miss."

I walked over to him.

"I am professor Dumbledore," said the man. "Now, how did you get here?"

"That's a long story, professor," I mumbled.

"No, not really," JayZ interrupted. "There was this weird whirlwind in Melissa's bedroom and we got sucked into it, ending up here."

I seethed. JayZ was so embarassing sometimes!

"Hmm..." said Dumbledore. "Melissa, was it? I will need to talk to you in private after the sorting."

"What am I, chopped liver?" JayZ mumbled, but only I heard him.

"For now, continued Dumbledore, please sit at the end of our table here." He pulled out a wand and conjured up some chairs. I was amazed.

"How is that possible?" JayZ asked, half amazed, half sceptical.

"Many things are possible," said Dumbledore with a crypticly cheerful twinkle of his blue eye.

I sat next to JayZ while a bunch of little kids not much younger than my brother came up, sat on a stool, and had a hat put on their head. The hat would shout out one of four weird sounding words, then the kid would go sit at one of the big tables. After that was done, food magically appeared on everyone's plates, but then Dumbledore came over to JayZ and I, and said, "Come with Me."

We walked through a castle and went up some stairs. Dumble dore said," Lemon Drop," and a door opened and we entered a magificently furnished office. "Please have a seat," said Dumbledoer.

I sat down in a cushy chair and JayZ followed suit.

"Well, chosen one, you have finally come," said dumbledoor.

"Chosen what?" JayZ exclaimed. "Are you talking about Melissa?"

Dumblefore fixed him with a stare. "If you will allow me to explain..." JayZ was quiet and Dumbledore continued. "Melissa, you are teh chosen one. you will save the wizarding world."

All of a sudden, I remembered that it was Dumblefore's voice that had spoken in my head before I came here.

"Very well, I will try to save your world, but how?"

"You will need to learn some magic first," dumbledore said. "you can take classes here and i will sort you into a house. and your brother."

we went back down to the hall and the students were almost done eating and Dumbledore said," attention please! We have two new students joinging us: Melissa and JayZ!"

Dumbledore put the hat on my head and it said, "you are supposed to save the world? heroes go to..." GRYFINNDOUR!"

Dumbledore pointed me over to a table, then put the hat on JayZ's head. It said Ravenclaw.

I looked at who was next to me and it was a girl about my age with long brown, bushy hair. "Hello, my name is Hermione Granger." she said with a bright smile.
"I'm Melissa" i said, shaking her hand.
"So how did you get here anyway? Students are suppose to come when they are 11, not...uh, how old are you?" she asked.
"I'm 16 and it's really quite a long story." I said, I wans't sure if I should tell her the truth so I said "My brother and I moved here from America and so we had to tranfer schools" I told her, thinking on the top of my feet.
"Oh that's interesting. It must be really hard moving from one country to another." she said in a british accent. "Well, this is my friend Ron" she said, pointing to the boy sitting next to her. He was very tall and had red hair and freckles. He smilied sheepishly and waved. "And this is my other friend, Harry."
"Hello" he said
"Hi" I answered. The boy had crazy jet balck hair and insanly bright green eyes that i could get lost in for hours. They were mezmorizing. I noticed I was still staring at them when some food appeared on the table.
"Finally, I'm starving" the boy called ron yelled.
"Oh, Ron, honestly..." Hermione said, rolling her eyes.
While everyone ate, I also ate, but I stared at Harry and hoped he didn't notice but kinda wished he did.

"So, what is America like?" Hermione asked me. "I bet it is extroardinariyly fastinating."

"It's a great place," I said. "There's tons of malls near where I live, and I'm in a band, too."

"What kind of band is it?" asked Ron with his mouth full of food?

"It's a punk band," i said. "I'm the main singer."

"You will have to sing for us sometime," Harry said. I blushed and nodded.

"No she won't Harry" a girl with bright red hair said, sitting down next to him.
"Oh sorry Ginny, I forgot you like to sing too. Maybe you two could be in the band together and both sing." He said and smiled at me. Ginny just glared.
"Tuh, pppppppplease, ya right, I'm a soloist, I don't need ANYONE to sing with me."
"It was just a suggestion." Harry said quietly
"uh, whatever, i'm going to talk to Neveille, I'm sure he'll want to hear about my new song."
"Sorry, she's a bit crazy today, don't know why though..."Ron said "She's my sister in case you didn't notice the resemblence."
"oh yeah, you two do look a lot alike" I said.

There was a coughing and Dumbledore stood up and said "Welcome again, everyone. Ihope you all enjoyed the feast."

"harry, will you show me were to go?" i asked.

"i think Ron or hermione should theyre prefects," ginny glared at me.

"But i wanted-"

"come on, harry, let's go snog," ginny said. Ginny pulled Harry away and they left to go snog.

"okay, Melissa," said Ron. "Lets go."

"Then we can go snog, huh, Ron." Said Hermione.

We left, and I didn't notice a boy with sliver blonde hair and icy blue eyes staring at me from another house table.

"such beauty," Darco wispered. "i must have her. she must be mine."

The next day i started classes. The first class was defense against the dark arts and harry, ron and hermoine were all in it. Ginny wasn't in that class so that made me cheerful because that meant i could flirt with him without being verbally killed. The boy that i didn't notice yesterday was also in my class and was staring at me but i was too busy gazing into harry's eyes to notice.
"Hello, class. I am Professor Snape. I see we have a new student...yes, a very pretty one indeed...what is your name, miss?"
"huh?" i wasn't ready to be adressed like this. The man had greasy black hair and a huge hooked nose. he was pretty ugly but there was something about him that almost made him attractive. "I'm...I'm Melissa. I'm from America."i said a little quickly.
"Oh how wonderful...have you studied Defence at all?"
"uh, no sir, I haven't." I told him.
"well, then i suppose you will be needing extra help then."
"i'll help her professor! I'd be honored if i could." said the bolnde haired boy from slytherine "i'm draco by the way." he told me "I'm very good at this class, i could teach you a lot...lots of stuff you don't know...and much more..."
"uhh...." he was starting to scare me because his eyes got really big and he wouldn't blink and just kept staring.
"No, I don't think she needs ur help malfoy. She is a very intelligent girl. If she needs anyone's help, she is more than welcome to ask me, because as everyone knows i'm the best at DADA, even better than u and hermoine!" Harry said looking back from me to draco and back to me again. he smiled at me and i smiled back. Hermione looked upset i guess because he said he was smarter than her. Her sadness didn't last long tho because ron started snogging her because he was bored.
"Well, POtter i don't think she'll be needing your help since she is my student and I will be the one teaching her" Snape sneered at harry
"But I don't mind if he helps me! In fact, i think i would find it extremely helpful!" i told him. Snape turned and glared at me and so i shut up.
"Fine, get your help from potty Potter here, I don't care! i hope u fail!!" snape shouted. It made me want to cry. I hate being hated.
"I didn't mean to upset u severus, i just thought harry could help." I heard some teacher call him severus so i decided to try it and charm him. but it didn't work.
"Ten points from Griffindor! Shut up melissa or i will throw u out of this class!" snape yelled. I started to cry but managed to say "yes sir" and i shut up. Harry hugged me and said "Don't worry, snape is always mean, he's just jealous that u like me better than him." That made me smile and laugh. The rest of the lesson i sat cuddled close to harry and gazing into his brilliant green eyes.

Far away, in Gyrfindor tower, Ginny sat sobbing on Ron's bed. Her brother lovingly caressed her face. "Don't cry Ginny, I'm hear for you." He ran his fingers over her silky, vibrant scarlet locks.

"Oh, Ron," she sighed, laying her head on his chest, feeling his rock-hard abs, toned from many games of Quidditch. She turned her head to his, gazing at his sapphire orbs. "Ron, Harry loves Melissa. What can I do to win him bakc?"

Ron nuzzled his face in her hair. "Well, he said, breathing in the subtle scent of her conditioner, "You could get Melissa to fall in love with someone else." He paused. "Me, perhaps."

"Oh, Ron," she sighed, hugging him. "You're such a good brother."

"I'd do anything for you," he said quietly, returing her embrace.

Later that night i was sitting in the common room studying DADA when ron came in alone, which was weird because he was usually always snogging hermy. "hey ron" i said and he smiled at me.
"hi" he replied at sat next to me....awfully close next to me...as in much too close next to me. he put his arm over my shoulder and said "so, u know, harry and ginny are in my dorm snogging and hermione is snogging mclaggen, how bout u and me snog?" i wasnt sure if he was being serious or not so i said "uhh...sure...hehe" and then he started kissing me! i have to admit, he was pretty good, but just when it was getting better the door to the common room flew open. I broke away and looked up and saw harry. "What the CRAP WERE YOU DOING!!!!!?????????????? RON I'LL KILL YOU!!!!!" harry screamed. he looked reaally upset and it made his eyes flash even greener. it made him look even hotter than ever and i wanted to start snogging him like crazy. then i heard ron scream
"no i'm not ron" i said quietly "you just started snogging me before i knew what was happening..." i trailed off. then harry shouted
"yeah RIGHT! I'LL KILL U!!!!" then the boys started fighitng and there was a bloody lip and ron finally left and decided to go cry to hermione, who had come down in all the commotion. then it was only me and harry.
"i'm sorry you ha to witness that \." he whispered in my ear. "i just want to protect you..."
"you did, thank you" i said and took his hand. then we sat there holding hands watching the glowing fire die down...well, sort of, there was some snogging of course...

The next evening I was in the library researching stuff for the history of magic essay we had to right on elfs. It was late and i was leaviing to get abdck 2 the toswer. Haryr was waiting there for me to snog me.

I was in a dark hallway when someone stepped out form behinfd a corner.

"Hello," said the boy i ddidn't notice before.

"hello, what's ur name?" I asked him.

"i'm draco malfoy of the malfoy familiy he smirked. "and you?"

"I'm mEllisa." I said.

'Well Mellissa, hows about you and me?" he dawrled.


"tYa, we should snog," he said, then raised his eyeborws. "or more...."

"Uhm, no I dun think so," is aid.

"Well, you'er going to do so anyways," he snarled and grabbed my. He pushed me into an empty classroom and used a spell to tie me up.

"Ha Ha Ha, Now You Are Mine," He said. "I always get wahyt I want," he said. "no u will be mine and no one can stop this." He started taking his clothes oof. When he was in his black silk boxers, he cam over 2 me, but then fell over.

"Pertificus Todalus!" showted Harry from the ddoor.

"Oh Harry you came to save me! " I cried, and he smiled at me. "Dun worry Mellisa, I just want to protect you," he said.

He tied up draco and used a spell to burn his clothes. "Now he will stay here until morning like this until someone finds him." Harry laughed. This is McGonagall's classroom LOL!"

I laughed too. "ROFL!"

Draco was angry. "STFU N00BS!"

"Come on Melissa let's go back to the common room," said Harry. "Okay, I said.

I woke up the next morning and went to breakfast. I met dumbledore there and he said to me "Come to my office, Melissa after breakfast. I have some important topics to discuss with you about saving the world." I nodded and he winked his twinkeling blue eye and turned to go to his office. I quickly ate my oatmeal and ran up to dumbledore's office. I knocked on his door and he told me to come in. Everything was so blue and it gave you the feeling as if it were winter and snow was falling outside. It was almost as mezmorizing as harry's eyes. i sat down in a chair across from dumbledore and asked
"So what exactly should i know to save the world? I already learned so much in DADA and I'm as good as, if not better than harry." I told him, hoping this would please him.
"well, that is very good indeed. But I am here to teach you some magic you have yet to discover. I wonder, are you an animagus?"
"Well, sir, i might be....i haven't tried. Let me think of an animal." I thought of a pretty pink dragon and I instantly transformed. It was the most amazing experience ever. The next thing i knew i was flying around the office without a care in the world. My scales were shimmery pink and looked like glitter was flying off of them. I was so beautiful! Then when i got sick of flying i thought of a brilliant white tiger and became it. "This is good" i thought "I'm pretty and ferocious. Voldemort won't be able to compete with me!" Then I transformed into a unicorn and was even prettier than ever! I thought of Harry and how pretty he would think i was. Then I turned into a human again. I looked at dumbledore and he was amazed.
"Well, very good indeed! No one has ever been able to traform into so many beautiful yet vicious creatures! With this and the help of mortium ab sacrum ignium, you will be able to defeat Voldemort with little problem.
"What is mortium ab sacrum ignium anyway?" I asked. I thought it was a cool name and it sounded like a type of magic that was powerful enough to defeat voldemort.
"It's a type of highly advanced magic that deals with fire and lightning. You must conjure fire and lightning simmultaniously from the same wand and slash at the person you wish to strike. It then burninates the person until all their skin falls off and their insides gush out. Its a type of divine fire that you cannot put out with water...water would only make the death slower and more painful. Anytime you use the spell correctly on someone they are doomed to death. The only setback is that if you complete the spell even with the slightest mistake, it backfires and kills the conjurer. That's why it is so complicated. No person has ever successfuly completed it. Not even me...but i'm confident you will do fine. Meet me in my office next week at the same time so we can work on this. You may go now and enjoy your classes."
"yes sir" i said and left...i was scared but i knew i could beat him. Now all that i was looking forward to was potions class with harry and starring into his wonderful eyes that i so dreadfully missed...

Wehn i got too potions class i was late so i slipped in and hoped that the theacher wouldn't notice.

"U r late Melissa," said Prof. Slughorn. "Well it is okay because Dumblydore sent me a owl to say u wuld be. well take a seat ebcause today we are makeing a special new poiton. It is the potion fo true power and if you drink it you will learn about your true powers."

I took my seat as SLughorn continuted to talk. "Of course it is v. hard to make, soi not evry1 will do it rite." I saw Hermoine glance around smugly. I roled my eyes; she always thought she was the best at everything. Sure enoguhgh, when Sulghorn told us to begin with the recipe on the board, hermione said: "I bet I am one of the only people to make the potion right."

"well, we'll see abou that.." i whispered to myself as hermionce got ready to make her potionf. I got all my ingedients and strating naking the potong. I finally finsihed and asked slughorn to vuew my potion.
"This is the most wonderfulk potion i've ever seen... Even harry is not as good as you, which is quite amazing..."
"Professor" hermione butted in "I'm alomost done, i folloed the instrictions exactly as they have it and it requires ten minutes to settle... melissa only spent 7. Her potion can't be right."
"Yes it is...i spead up time to make it go faster. Mine is perfect, just like slughorn said. Sorry hermione, but you art on;y secong best." i told her with a smirk adn she turned bright red like voldemorts eytes.
"Watch what u say missy, i'm better than u in everything and you know it.. ur poting is wronf wrong wrong!!! I'm better than you and i can prove it!" and with that she tried to curse me but i easly defelcted it
"There's no use trying to curse me, i;m too good for you... harry taught me all i kno abnd he;s much better thaan you."
"Why u little!!!!" hermione scremaed at me and jumped on me and tried wresteling me to the ground. I punched her in the face while she bit me in the arm. Then herry came over and tried to pull her off me. But ron tackled him before he could.
"Don't you DARE touvh HERMIONE!!!" ron shouted and used his muscular arms that i so adore to punch harry in the face. But harry hit him back so it was okay becuse he also had muscular arms and it was hott because he was mad and his muscles flair when he gets mad. Hermione started to watch rona nd harry fight so i got up and watched too.
"Um boys, you might want to stop fighitng...Oh, harry get in a punch there, rupert's not looking! Watch his arms, he has muscle!" i was thankful that slughorn liked harry so much, but i didn't want him to steal MY harry, so yelled at the boys to stop fighting. They listened to me and hary came over somewhat swaety and kissed me. "Thanks" he said i nodded and went over to make sure ron was okay...he was less sweaty than harry which was good becuse swaaet makes me sick.
"Get away from him Melissa, hes FINE" hermiones sshouted at me
"I jst wanted to make sure, i wouldn't want to hurt anyone.." i whispered, starting to cry. I ran out of the room before anyone could say anything. Harry follwd me and held me when he saw i was crying
"I'm so sorry" he whishpered.
'It's not you" i said "it's hermione..she's dreadful... she ahtes me becuse i'm better than her...it's not MY fault."
"i koe" e said "lets got up to the common room and snog"
"Okay i said excited and grabbed his hand and ran up the stairs to the coommon room.

Later that week, Perfesser MrConagall announced that Quidditch triouts were that weekend.

"Gyrfindour needs a keeper, two beeters, and a chaser. Hary Potter is quidditch captian, so he will organize tryoputs."

"Hey Melissa, you gonna try out, Harry wispered to me as we sat together in an armchair in the common room. I sat on his lap and he had his arms wrapped around me.

"Ya i think i will," i said. "wut posotion shuld i play?"

Just then, Hermoine, Ron and Ginny came through the common room.

"So are u guys gonna try out for the Quidditch teem?" Hermione asked.

"Ya, I wanna be Chaseer, Ginny said. "Ron, dun u wana be Keeper?"

"Ya," said ron. i rly hope i get it"

"I bet u will," Ron," said Hermione, slapping his butt. Ron giggled. Harry and I tryed not to laught.

When they left, harry said tro me," I think you wouls be a great chaser, Melissa. cum 2 tryouts."

"Ya but harry i dun have a brroom and i dun no how 2 fly," I said, a single tear roling down my face.

Harry pulled me close and kissed me. "Don worry Melissa, I will teech u. I no a special place that will let us do anything we require." He grinnwed rougeishly at me and i blushjedf.

Later that night he showed me to a room called the room of requirement. He said you can use ot for anything u need.
"Ron and Hermione use this room a lot for private snogfests. i used to use it with ginny too" he frowned "but that is all in the past. now we can use it" he added with a slicjk grin
"harry we need tro use it for quittich, not snogging and and stuff" comone lefts go in. so we went in and there was a quittich pitch with sunny weather and it was nice and besautuful.

ok get on ur brrom that appread right in front of you"

i got on and he directd me how rto fly. i was innstantly good at it.

"Almost as good as me" he teased. i swooped down on him and playfully hit him. Then we got to real practice we practiced all night unitl i could steal the quaffly off him and succesfully score and easily.

"I thik i have my new chaser!" he shourted at nme and i beamed into his gourgous green eyes.

"You know harry, if you put eye liner on, u'd look liek billy joe from my favorite band green day."

"Would that turn u on, eh?" he smiled suductivly. it made me quiver with joy. i felt like i was quacking and that made me happy becuse i only quake when something good is going to happen

"Oh yes, that would make me quake and be happy and dandy and lovey and charry adn spectaularly wonderful!!" I couldn't wait to see harry with eye liner on!

Eye liner suddenly apperred on a shelf and he put some on.. He was posituky GEORGOUS.. ! After that we forgot about quidditcj for the most part until we heard a knock on the door. i screamded and hid. Harry opened the door and it was ginny.

"Harry it's almost tim e for quidditch try outs and... OMG!! what did u do! U look like a girl!!! Thought u'd see what it's like eh?" she said laughing uncontrollably.

"No" harry replied unfaized "I was trying to look like those punk rockers you try to imitate with ur signing but can't. melissa is SUCH a BETTER singiger THAN u ARE! HAhaHAhaHA!" she left crying, saying she'd see hin in an hour for the tryouts.

"Comeone, we need to go down to the pitch to get ready" he told me and we lefct, eyeliner and all

Harry and I went down to the Quidditch pitch, and he called teh crowd of
Gryfifndors to order. "Okay, let's begin tryouts," Harry said. "First lets try for keeper. Who is trying out?" Ron and some kid stood up. "Ron and Cormac, get up in the air!" Harry sexily mounted his broom, winking at me. He tried out Ron, trhn Cormac. Ron was horrible, but Cormac was even worse. Hary mde Ron the Keeper.

"Okay let's try out Chasers! Harry called. Ginny saunterd down from the stands and straddled her broom. It was a prety crappy won cuz it was a Nimbus 2000. Harry had found me and him new brooms in the Room of Requirements. Theey were even better than his fFirebolt: they were SpiffyShooter 3,000,000,o00's.

"okay ron, you be the goalie," harry said. "Ginnay and Raechel Destiny have to try and get the ball in the hoop and the one who scores with ron is the new teem chaser." Ginny and I glared at each other.

"Tya, like you'l;l win," Ginny hissed. "you don't even knwo what quiddatch ias."

Ifelt my throte bloking up and i made sure not to cry. Harry would want me to be brave!

Harry flew over to me. At the sight of his secksy eyelined eyes, i felt a surge of hope and love in my chest. Harry kissed me and told me good luck. "I believe in you Melissa," he said.

Ginny and i took olf flying and I grabbed the Qwaffle and flew to Ron, but Ginny rammed me from behind with her broom. I nearly fell off my broom but held on but droped the waffle. Ginny swopped below me and grabbed it and began flying. She was alomost to Ron when i managed to right myself and i flew after her but without hope. Suddenly I heard soemthing rom the stanfs. The Gryffindors had started a slow clap and were cheering for me!

With hope in my heart, i urger my broom on and overtook ginny and grabbed the queaffle after i elbowed her in her too big nose that harry sed giot in the way when they used 2 snog. i threw the quaffle in the hoop past ron who was a rly bad keeper 'cause he just lookedstupiod and drunk when i did that.

I flew doen in tryumph ancd everyone 'cepty hermy ginny and ron clebrtated with me cuz i was the new chaser.

When Harry and I went back up to the castle, Snape stopped me in the front hall. "Melissa dumbledore wants to see you."

"I went to dumbledore's office and walked in, he was sittinga t his desck waiting for me.

"Melissa, i have been waiting for yu, " dumbeledore said. 'Professor slughorn sent up the potion you made erlier this weak. you see it is very important for you as the world-saver of our world that needs savinf to have tghis potion. it will revel you tru powah."

"but Professer, i thouhtght we already talked about my powers and the power od mortium ab sacrum ignium."

"yes melissa said dumbledore but this is different." he handed me the potion. drink it.

I drank it and it tasted awful nasty and i thought u was gonna dye.

"MELissa look!" cried Dumbledore! "the power is forming in the air!"

I managed to look up fro where i was crumpld on the folor and saw a gostly image in the air. it was a main and he sid," Melisaa is my heitr the haeir of Gryfinndor. she has my special powers as an umparalleded wizard: physic powers like empathy and telekinesis and mindreading." he disaperaed.

"wow," i mutrmured softly. "i am the heir of Gyrfindor."

"yes you are melissa and my granddaughter, too," said Dumbledore huggingme. "I new my granddauhter was alive, dut i didn't know were she was. but i knew she was the hair of gryffingdor."

"grandfather," i whispered, crying into his beard as he hugged me.

"i now wisgh u didn't have 2 fight voldemart 'cause i dun wanna llose you." he said.

'yes but i have to," i said bravely. 'sun worry i will be fune."

he hugged me again then said get back 2 class sweetie.


I went back to class but it was over so i started making my way to the library. While walking i met up with som kid that slooked like a third year. he smikled at me at said

"hey sis, what's up
? i haven't seen yu in a while."

i startted to freak out "who are you?!?!?!? i screamed

"Whatr is ur probmlem im ur bro!!! Jason!!! rememner me!

"N..no stop itu freak i don't kno ho u r just leave me alosne!"

but he wouldn' t. he grabbed onto by shirt and said " come on, i;m ur brother, ur only brother... remember u would get mad at me id i came into ur room when you was listening to green day? u got to remember that!"

"I only had one brother and i think is name waz Jay- Z not Jason! and how do u kno what i listen to, u stlker! stalker stalker salkter! i screaneed at him

"Dude, melissa, chill! my real name is Jason but u just called me Jay-Z to pretend like u had a famous rap brother... come on, u have to remember me... ur my own sister, what happenbed to u?

"Oh, jay-z!!! i wailed" and flung my arms around him. "don't ever scare me like thar again!

"ur thje one that was scaring Me" he told Me. "i want to go home, melissa, i miss mom and dad" he explained to me

"but Jay-Z, we never had paretns, we were raised in an orpanage, remember. There was a mean old lady that made us do work and we hated it there. this is so much better. And we even have a grandfather, dumbledore!!! we're home here jay-z we're gome!

jay-z looked frighttend my what o had just said. he scremaed "whjat is wronf with you! who are you and what have u done with melissa!!!"
I' am mnelissa "i told him" "it's me jay-z!!! we're orphans...well not now beuase we have grampapa but we didnb't kno whtat till today"

"we had paremts melissa! Judy and BOb! remember??!?! hthey were our parents!! We were normal peiple..not some frekas that go to hogwarts! pleas tellme u remember? he said with a pleading look that i ocoulsdn'r say no to. he was just a lillle kid, i didn't want to maeke him more upset then he aldreay was

"okay" i said "i remember" he looked plaesed "now we should go get ready for the quittich match tomorrow...Gyffindor is so gunna beat u guys!"

"nuhuh, i'm a beater so i can beat u to the ground so u guys do;t win! ravenclaWS rOCk!!!!"
And with that he left skipping done the hall one way and i the other, singing "American Idiot" to myself as i thought about quittich and green harry eyes.

It was thyme for Quidditch at last. We were redy 2 play Ravenclaw and I was ready. Harry stood next to me at the edge of the field and we snogged for a little while wen we wre waiting. Ron looked jealous, so i thot about inviting him 2 jouin in, but thn the announcements stAerted.

"It's the first Quidditch match of the season, and Ravenclaw is playing Gryffindor," said Luna Lovegood from the commentator's box. "Gryffindor's captain is Harry Potter. He's nice, and he's picked a good team, including that new girl that appeared during the Sorting." Harry and I glanced at each other. "Personally, I think she's Fantastical Floozy; those are pretty rare creatures, you know." Professor McGonagall cleared her throat loudly. "The game is beginning!"

harry and itook off flying w/the rest of out team. harry went off 2 find th snithc. ginny flew alongside him. she was a beeter and she sed she woulsd beetoff any blufgders that came his way.

Harry said that I should concentrate on scoring. I scored on terry boot who was the Ravenclaw keper. I scored with him several times. It felt great. Just then I felt someting wizz by my head. it was a bludfer and gunny had hity it!@

"Ginny Weasley hits a Bludger, nearly hitting Gryffindor Chaser, Melissa. Does Melissa have a last name? It looked like Ginny meant to hit the Bludger at Melissa. Perhaps it's a case of Paramour's Paroxysm."

i continued flyingh and i shot a few more goal.s then i saw the snitch and the other seeker cho chang, some ravnclaw slut flyig to it. "HArry! I yelled!" Harry looked ant i pointed to the snitdche. He flew to it but cho was gainging. i flew to ginny and grabbed her vbeeter's baat. UI hit a bludged at cho and she flel to the ground. harry go the snitch and flew over to me and we started to make out in the air with harry still holding the snithc over his ehad.

"Quite an interesting play," Luna said. "Perhaps snogging on the field is meant to distract the other team." Harry and I didn't care if we distracted other people because we were wrapped in a loving embrace, Harry feeling me up, but I didn't care. At least, I didn't until Harry fell off his broom. JayZ had hit him with the bludger stick. "JayZ!" I wailed, diving to catch harry. Jayz smirked and flew off to talk to Luna.

I got off my broom and started to tend harry's head wound...he was BLEEDIG everywhere and all over his nice clean quittich robes...poor robes, getting all nasty... but I cleaned up his wound by licking it, like a cat because when i'm sad I start to clean myself, but i decided to clean Harry because he was te one that was yiucky.

"are you aLRIGHT my love?" i asked him, kissing his head tenderlly

"i..I..I think so, now that YOUR HERE!" he said kissing my ear ferousiously. it Tickled and I laughed..."HEHEHEHEHEHE, OH harry stop IT!!!"

Ginny, Ron and Hermy came over to see if harry wa salrgiht

"ARE YOU alright harry?" Hermieone asked tenderly and i could have smacked her.

"YEs, yeS I'm finw, thank you...so how's yiu like tha gane?" he asked them. they All smiled and put their thumbs up

"IT was so totally fab fab!" Ron said and i questioned his straightness.

"YEah, man, it was like, so awesome! I loved killing the other team, man!" Ginny shouted, and i thought that ron and ginny might have switched bodies. but they didn't so it was all good.

"you know, i like you again Melissa, you rovked the game for us!" ron shouted and i knew he was his normal self again by the way he looked at me seductivly. Hermione smacked him on the butt and so he started snoggging her. It was gross. Aftr they were snogging and...stuff i decieded to tell them my news.

"Okay you guys, I have some news to tell you." they all turned and looked at me except herm and ron were still snogging so ginny had to kick them. then they tuend and looked at me

"I..I...I am the heir of Gryffindor" I said with some proudness in my voice. they all started dumfounded and then harry spoke

"Well, congratualtiomns mel mel!(that's his nickname for me!! so is melly, milla, mel, meme, lovey, ducky, my babe, babes, lover and el mono)

"No way, there is no possible way that u, of all people, could be a hair of gyrffendoe" ginny said, her eyes turning red like her hair, shirt, pants and shoes.

"Yeah, come on, i just said i liked you again asnd now u tell us this s******KHkahlsdhakljhalhfklas! What the %#$%* is wrong with you!!" ron shouted

"leave NOW before I kill YOU!!!" Hermione screamed! I cried and ran off the quittich pitch, looking for someone to comfort me because harry was having a blonde moment and staring off somewhere that i could'n see. I ran into the castle not noticing draco stanfindg by the library entrance. I turned to go to the library when she sae me.

"Hello, melissa...why are you cryings?" draco said to me with sadnes in nis eyes.. he looked sadi for me so i decided to tell him. I led him over to a drak hallway and into an old e,pty clas froom and said

"Oh draco, my friedns hate me, evern harry!!!! All becaus i'm the hair of gryffindor!!! *sniffle sniffle*"

"Oh, don't worry, my pretty melissa, my friends disowned me too. Well, actualy i Ditched THEM, but, that's a diff sorty. But i will tell you something yoy might find VERY interESTING. I am the haier of Slytherin." he said as a wicked smile spread across his face.
I gasped.

"yes surprising, isn't it?? Now we both know how it feels to be strange and outfits, yet extremely powerful so everyone hates us"

"Yes, it is verrry hard. OH Draco, you are my only friend. I am so sorry i was so mwan to you beofre, hoew could i haave ever disliked you?"

"So you;ve completly forgotten about my tying you up and trying to seduct you?"

"Ha ha, when in the world did you ever do that to me? You are much too nice to be like that Draco. Ha ha, just thinking about you doing that makes me laugh"

"he he...yeah... right...that's me, a jokster. Well, since we have no friends and we are the only ones here, then maybe we should...."

"yes...?" i asked him, wondering where he was ggoing with this. Then when i least expected it, but completely expected it he started to snogged me sensless. It was nice, almost nicer that Harry and then he snogged me somemre and it was EVEN BETTER thn harry's snog. Harry POtter was too timid when we snogged, but Dracco Malfoy was brave....brave and HOTT!!! He was on FIEAA! When we broke apart his white/blonde heir was sparkeling with sweat. It made me really thirsty so i decided it was time to go.

"I have to go, my lover draco, but i will be back for thy when the bright sun sets" i said, thinking of romantic literature i read when i went to a noirmal school"

"oh yes, my love, i wait for thee until you shall return. My heat yerns to be with thee i can fele it bust like a ballon does when you pop it. come home soon to me, my love. I shal ebe waiting ofor thye."

I gave him one last quick (well, extremely long0 snoog and turned to leave anf headed for the gyrffoinfdor comoun roomm/ my hairyness room/harry/ron/hermy/ginny would be awaaitng to kill me room. I couldn't wait to get there!

When I got home to the commonroom, harry wuzn't there and no one else waz expect Ron Hermione, and Ginny. "Hay guys where's Harry?"

"he wnt to bed because he's tiredf," said Hedrmione, "and I gave himi and the other fGryfinndors a sleeping potion. Lawls." She chuckled in a sinister maaanner which was wierd.

"SO, Melissa, you're hear alone with ys," Ginny said stafing up and kraking her knuckeles.

"You alkways make such good plans, 'Mione" Ron giggled.

"you no it," she said and ythey snogged 4 a few minutes.

"So uh guys what is your plan?
I asked cuz i didn't want 2 wathe them snog anymore.

"oh ya right, Harmony saifd. "okat so ya were gunna kill u cuz we hat u!!!"

"omg u hatters! i creid!"

"cum on lets beet her up sed ron.

They began to beat me up and i began crying and sum1 used crusio on me and it hurt and i balcked out.

okay lets get rid of her," said TRon and tthow hre off the tower".

They carried my unconscience body up yo the asotneromy tower, not caring that they let my skull crack off the steps.

"Hey, if it isn't weasel and hisa mudblud grilfriend." someone sneered. i began to wake up a little.

"go away malfoy."

"i dun thik i will," sraco said his secksy walk makinh me want to swoon ack into uncsonciousness. i think hermione wanted to snog him, too, but i new he wouldn't ;et her.

"levilcuspid!" he called and ron and hermione flew up in the air and dropped me on the hard marble floor. "ha ha stay there," said draco and he picked me up tenderly. "lets get you taken care of," he said, then suddenly his smiule was evil ANd I felt a strange feeling and tehn we ended up in stragne place.

I looked around but i couldn't see anything because it as sooooo darkk. It was scary but i clung close to cDRaco becaue he was nice and warm.

"wher eare we drak? I'm scared, hold me close to you, pleaaase." he did, buit then i remembered he had an ecvil smile and so i pushed hinm eway. "waitmmm, are you evil?" i asked hinm trying to be casual about it.

"Well, yes actually. I am with voldemart. You see, he id my father. and he wanted me to kill tyu so i agreed becasue he really wanted to kill hgarry and i agreed becasue i hhate harry and then he could just die and then u really wou;dnt have to die and i could just hurt u otherewise>" he said gasping for breath because he sadi tht all in one breath.

Then he started choking on his spit or the air(i'm not sure widch) and sp i decieded to sream for harry. I was hoping he'd come soon, i wadn't ssure i could handle voldy AND draco by myself. I waz scread for the firt time in my life. Then draco come over snogged me and it felt GOOD but then he left and i was scared again.

It was late at night and Jason and Luna were alone in the Astronomy Tower. Unfortunately for Jason, he wasn't getting the sort of action he'd hoped for. Instead, he and Luna were scanning the skies, looking for Moon Babies.

After an hour, Jason was getting bored. "Are you sure that Moon Babies are, you know, real?" he asked Luna.

"Of course they are," Luna said, keeping her telescope trained on the moon. "The Ministry of Magic has been capturing them for magical experiments, so no one sees them, but they're real."

"Uh, okay," Jason said, putting his binoculars back up to his eyes. Seconds after he'd done so, he heard some shouting from the hallway leading up to the tower. "Luna, do you hear that?" he asked urgently.

"Moon Babies?" she asked.

"No, shouting from downstairs. We need to see what's going on!"

"But the Moon Babies..." Luna protested, but she allowed Jason to pull her along down to the corridor.

Jason and Luna left the Astronomy Tower and were astonished to find Ron and Hermione suspended in mid-air. Luna let them down with a spell, and they dropped to the floor.

"What's going on?" Jason asked.

"It was Malfoy," Ron said, sounding spitting mad. "He attacked us when we were..." He trailed off and looked at Hermione. "What were we doing, Hermione?"

"We were..." She looked confused. "That's funny. I remember Melissa being here, too, and we were going to throw her off the Astronomy Tower. How strange."

"You were going to kill my sister?" Jason exclaimed.

"You're her brother?" Hermione asked. "I didn't know Melissa had any siblings.

"Why were you going to throw her off the tower?" Jason persisted.

"I don't know," Hermione said. "It's strange, but my memories from before you two appeared are, well, hazy."

"Well do you guys think tyou could let us down? hermy asked sounfing annyooed. So Luna swished her wand and theu fell to the ground with t aTHUD.

"grrr...thanks" ran spat, rubbng his arm cuose it hurt cause he fell and it hurt. Hermione went tover and kissed it
"all bettr, ronnie-poo?" she asked sweetly massaging his arm
"Mhhmm...' ronnie wimpered 'now that i have my hermy1 ' he said and then they dstated making OUt and it was NASTAY!! So jensan caughed and it still didn't stip then they he pushed hermione who fell on ron which made it evern WORSe and More DIScusTing! So Jason asked Luna to help, but she was too busy trying to find the moon babies and didn't even notice the PG 13 seen right i front of her.

"GET OFF OF EACH OTHER!!! I WANT TO know WHAT HAPPEND TO melisa!!!! and then he kicked ron right where it hurts abd si he finnaly got off hermone.

"Well, um... i don't kno...do u know what happpened to melissa ron?"

"Hmm... ron asked...he was looking at hermione inappropriatky LOL!!!!
"no no i don't know what happned to her...but what i DO KNOW is that i want to be with YOU alone SOMEwher wihtout this annyoing little BOY heere.

Jay Z really didn't want to be there any more eaither because he was scared fir life after the seen he had just scene. So he just mumbled "Fine, i'll go find harry... meybe HEll know where melisa is" and he left while ron adn hermy were being scarry ad luna, as her usual self, was absolutly clueless as to whta they were doing ans concentrating her gaze on the beautifuul twilite ski.

Jason found Harry in the guidance office. Professor Lupin had been re-hired to work as a guidance counselor for troubled teens on the grounds that since he was severly messed up, he could relate to them. Harry was crouched on top of a cabinet in the office, and Lupin was a werewolf who was trying to get to him. Jason stood in the doorway, paralyzed with fear. Suddenly, someone pushed past him.

"Remus, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *gasp* OOOOOOOOO!" Tonks shrilled as she threw herself on the dangerous werewolf that had the powah to rend her from limb to limb. Instead of doing so, though, Lupin, against all laws of magical science, transformed back into a human.

"Tonka, you shouldn't have done that, I might have killed you, and I already have enough to angst over," Lupin chided her.

Tonks embraced Lupin. "O Remy, my waffle of devotion, I knew you wouldn't kill me. The power of our destined love kept that from happening." They stared lustily at each other.

Jason was afraid that they would start snogging like Ron and Hermione, and that would be grosser than gross. Jason was afraid that he was mentally scarred from witnessing that. He cleared his throat. "Hey!"

"What are you doing here?" Lupin said, sounding embarassed.

"My sister Melissa is missing!" Jason exclaimed. "Harry, you're her designated love interest; you need to go rescue her."

"Yes!" Harry exclaimed, "My true love needs me!" He leapt down from the cabinet. "Oh Merlin, my legs! I think I broke them!" He writhed on the ground in pain.

"That's the spirit, Harry," said Lupin, helping Harry to his feet, ignoring the boy's screams of agony. "Let's go rescue your girlfriend." He cast a healing spell on Harry.

i wuz nevr so scared as now. Vold-e-mart had me at his mervy. He hit me w/ Crucial curses and i felt alome and liekt dieing.

I almost wanter to die and was about to give up and leave mt painful tortured ecsistance whern i herd a most beauyiful voice: Haryy.

"Don't u dare give up, Meliissa!" Harry yelled w/ tears streeming down his face. "I luv u 2 much 4 that!"

"Harry," I wispered. feeling a tingling in my angle

I could feel mysself getting stronger. Harry pulled me to my feet. I turned and looked around. Lupin and Tonks and Jason were there and then ron and Hermione appeared.
] "How did you get here?" Harry asked.
"We came because we love each other," Ron said, "and friends know when their friend needs them."
"So we apparated straight here from Hogwarts," Hermione said.

"WEll Well well...looks like we're having a party" said a freaky voiuce that belonged to voldy "Mind if i pore some punch?" he asked, pulling a hawiann skirt on and turning on limbo music. Everyone was stunned. Finally Lupin spoke.
"I..I'll have some punch, looks scrumtiliumpish, mhmhm!"

"ENOUGH!" Voldemort screamed "couldn't you tell I was JOKING! DUH! and you're supposed to be a teacher? Geez, what is Dumby's prob? O well, whatever. Now it is time to finish off what's her face- Melo? Mellzy? Morki? Oye you" he screamed pointing at me "what's ur name?"
"My name?" i asked him. he nodded like I was an extreme idiot "Mel..Melissa, but you can also call me MelMel, Melly, Mel, Me-"
"Shut UP! MY GOSH, YOU REALLY ARE RETARTED ARN'T YOU?" I didn't know what i had done so i just gave him my puppy dog eyes "okay, why don't I just get this over with nice and quickly. But Harry, you must watch while I kill your lover. Goodbye stupid retard girl Melissa or Melly or whoever you are Bye bye!" he said waving at me like I was two.
I waved back because I thought he was cute in a weird he hates me and is going to kill me sorta way. Then he spoke evily "Avada kedevr-"
"NOOOOOOO!!!!!!" screamed Harry and he jumped in front of me. Voldemort stoped and waited till he fell and sighed.
"You done now?" he asked harry, who had gotten the wind knocked out of him and was gasping for breath. Lupin came over and thumped him on the back while Tonks thumped him on the stomah. It seemed to be working.

While Voldie watched the others, I stood up and grabbed my wand. It was time to cast the most powerful spell ever so that I could de-feet Voldermort.

"Voldermart, it's time to die!" I waved my wand. "Mortium ab Sacrum Ignium!" I cried. Fire and lightning were channeled through my body. I screamed in pain, but waved my wand at Voldie, spraying him with the divine fire. Finally I was done and I collapsed.

"You call that an attack?" Voldemort laughed from above me. "I didn't feel a - OH MY- AAWRHGDHDHDJSKA!" He was covered with flames.

"Stop, drop, and roll!" Hermione called out helpfully. Voldemort paused in his screaming to glare at her. He conjured some water from his wand and sprayed himself over.

"Ah, that's better," Voldie sighed, and conjured himself up a hot tub and some swim trunks. I thought I would go blind.

I was saved from blindness, though, because Voldie burst into even bigger flames.

"Great balls of fire!" exclaimed Lupin.

"You got that right!" Voldermart howled, bending over. He collapsed into his hot tub. We thought he had died, but he sat up one last time.

"AVADA KEDAVRA'D!" Voldie yelled, shooting the deadly spell at me. It happened too quickly. I died.

"Melissa" ii heardd harry scream. he was an angle with pretty wings, i wanted to eat them... yummy.
But i was dead so i couldnt eat anythingt. zBut then i heard the others and i opned my eyes and saw that i was flyingg!!!!! I had wings.
"Guys!!!" i shoutd "I have WINGS!!!!" and i flew down to the ground.
"UR ALIVE!!!!! harry scmred!" then he took me in his arms and started coughing. he was stilkl suffereing from falling on the ground. "VOLDY-MART'S DEAD!!! YAY!!!!!!!" everyone scremed. it was a very happy place and i started to cry. My tears were snow flakes because i was an angel and everyone started catching them on their tounges...even voldy did, cause he was on FIA! For once, i was happy.

So Voldy was dead and harry got the sord of Griffindoor and stabbed him 2 make sure and then we transposed back to hogwarts and lupin and ron and jay-Z and mya and tonks picked up me and harry and carried us in2 the Great Hall. All the students and t34ch3rs were there and they applauded for us and there was a feast and dumbledore let me and Harry and Ron, Hermione, Jay-Z and Ginny all eat at the high table with him and the teachers to celebreate.

So everyone ate and talked and was happy. Ron and Hermione were snogging and Harry and I were snogging. I was so happy!!!!! and then Dumbledore came over and Jay-Z was with him.

"come with me, melissa" he said and I didnt want 2 cuz i was so happy w/harry, but i did and harry said. "professor i will come w/her to cuz we love each other and i will always be with melissa" and dumbeldore looked sad and we followed him 2 his office. ron and hermione and ginny didnt notice cuz they were busty snogging.

wHwen we weere in dumblydores office we all st down & d-ore aksed us if we wanted leemon dops . i told himm no i'm allergic to iAplesau juixce. and so hie ate sevn aof them. and said more for me.

"but porfessor , wjyhy did you brinfs us here i asked.

dumboldore sighed a sad sugh of great saddeness in his sad sigh A purple tear rollled fown his face. i thought i heard the faint sound of linkin park in the baackground!

"melissa" he said "yes?







dumloredoe sighed a sad sugh of great saddeness in his sad sigh. "meLissa u haf fufiled ur desitny hear in are world & now i must send u & jay-z bak 2 ur world lol sry. T_T" (A/N: OMG soooo sandness!!!)

The world stopped. mY head spun. I thot it had fallen off. Then i fell off my chair & into sweet, sweet oblivion.

Then I woke up two seconds late & every1 was staring at me.

"r u ok melissa?" harry asked looking at me. i wuz on th floor and he helped me up.

"i dun tink so i sed."

then dumbles sed "i know u r disteste but u must go bak or the balence of wurls will be messed up."

"then harry said" but prefesor i luv melissa n i wull do anything 2 be wiv 'er can she stay 'ere wiv us, guv?

"no harry" dumblesore sad. "she must go back. i will send poop to you!"

harry n jay-z n i stared. "um what professor?" harry asked.

"did i say that? dumbeldore asked. 'i must be goiung senile lolz. ne way i will send u bak 2moro so hav fun on ur last day 'kay?" he shoed us from his office.

i's so sad "i told harry with a melodious yet melenchony exhalation o' breathe.

"o melissa edestiny if there was onlt a way for ud to be togther....if onky i new a spell.h.j.. i no, i'll ask hermyone!

Hemoine and ron's were snogging outside the romm so we had to caugh up a lung for them to stop... harrys spit and germs landed on ron so he stopped snoging her to yell GROWWWWSSSSssss!

hermione I said" harry said u might kno a spell t6o help us... do u?

"O RLY?" hooted hermione "what king of spell do u need?

"a spell 2 let us stay forever one toghter even tho we's be seperated through the worlds I DEclaredQ!

"well i tink there is 1 but it depends on if ur luv is rly true cuz only then can u use the powah of ur destined luv to transcend the barriers of time and space and both of you go back to melissas world 4eva."

"SCORE!" harry yeled! He grabbed me and spune me around. i got disney and ended up puking up my guts (lol gross! =P) all over him but he jsut laguhed and used a cleening cvharm on his robs and undahpants.

"so will u use the spell hermoiney wanted 2 know.

"ppsssshya!" i sayd. "harry and i will be 2gether 4ever!"

"lol ya melisy" he sed & we started 2 sing!

"Together, forever no maater how long
From now, until the end of time
We'll be together and you can be sure
That forever and a day
That's how long we'll stay
Together and forever more"


as we sug I felt our soulds entwine thru the music. it was kinda trippy. it reminded me of the time in 5th grade when i snorted pixy sticks and hard too go to the hopsital for 2 days. i lol'd.

"okayz we will due the spell nao" hermy-chan said.

"omg kawaii!!!" i skweeled and grabed harry's hand.

Harrmony waved her wond and spoke the words of the ancient spell of love that would bind us together in enternal divortion of soulity union ans peaceful harmony of the jointation of the spinal cord of our intese pacsion for the minds and soulds of the blusss that would ensconce our very emphermal beings in the fiolds of love like that of angels who soured in the sky like ehthereal specters of joy and joyness who we woud soun join in our really happy state. "Tamen mollis! Quis lux lucis per yonder fenestra effrego? Vae , penuriosus Draco , EGO knew him puteus. Tamen quare est vinum absentis?"

The world around us began to blur and waver as the strands of time and space were re-woven to accomodage our love.

"goodbye we yelled! as we started 2 blur and spin in scircles

"goodbye harry!!!!?" the others yelled as we spun around like the tornado in the wizard of oz! "we will always remember u!"

"i will always lurv u 4eva harry! Ginny screamed, and i huged harry rly tite.

"when we reapered we were in front of my house on earth in m y wrold were harry was just a amagination of some lady. but he was REEL! WE WERE REEL! AND SO WAZ OUR LOVE!

"i love u melissa," he said. "i love u 2 harry," I said. We started 2 song and payed no atentun to anything else. ... That wuz bad cuz then we both got hit by a bus.
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